Welcome to the website of Selene Wines, a tiny producer of hand-crafted Napa Valley wines. Selene's wines are the personal winemaking expression of Mia Klein, a consulting winemaker.

Selene's output is exclusively focused on the Bordeaux varietals that thrive in great Napa Valley vineyards. Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc have been produced since 1991. Cabernet Sauvignon and a Cabernet Franc based Red Wine (Chesler) have been produced since 2002.

With each release, Selene's goal has been to capture forward fruit flavors and vibrancy from the vineyard, and use minimalist winemaking techniques to frame the wines with extremely supple textures. The resulting wines are food-friendly. They are open and accessible upon release, and yet they have the necessary balance and complexity to enhance either home cooking or haute cuisine.

Mia Klein started blogging for the Wine Spectator during the 2004 harvest as the blogging craze was just getting started. Now she's sharing the excitement of harvest and the day-to-day process of winemaking here on the Selene Wines Blog.

Click here to see the Wine Spectator's video featuring Selene and Mia Klein

Mia Klein at Hyde Vineyard